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"Our daughter was born prematurely at 23 weeks and as a result has had to overcome numerous developmental difficulties, some which persist even now at 4 1/2 years of age. Anna has been our daughter's Occupational Therapist for the past 2 1/2 years and has been a game changer in her learning process. She has proven to be a caring, innovative and tireless therapist as well as a crucial resource for services and institutions that cater to our daughter's specific needs. Anna has been our daughter's coach and advocate in ways that go beyond the role she was hired for. Nothing speaks to her competency more than the results she has engendered from our daughter. She has made leaps in fine motor skills, communication, creative problem solving and her overall ability to navigate the world. Anna continues to be a force of growth in our daughter's life. She is a valued member of her team of therapists and, moreover, she is a wonderful human being and a pleasure to work with."

-Rodrigo, parent 

"Anna started working with our son when he was around two and has helped him gain a range of independent living skills, through thoughtful, fun, engaging activities. Learning to follow directions becomes working through a home-made obstacle course, drawing straight and horizontal lines is a game to connect animals, learning to use scissors by giving a cardboard face a “haircut”, learning to kick a ball by first kicking over a tower of blocks (so satisfying for him). Anna is a very creative clinician and comes up with clever ways to help my son meet his goals. I cannot recommend her enough!!"

-Jenny, parent

"Anna is a fantastic OT. She worked beautifully with our teen daughter, who had started at a new, more challenging school and was experiencing a LOT of anxiety. Anna found ways to incorporate K's interests-- animals, Disney characters, and drawing-- to teach K new techniques for managing uncomfortable feelings. Anna found creative ways to teach daily living and executive functioning skills, and K blossomed! We couldn't be more grateful and highly recommend Anna. She's a gem!"

-Jill, parent

"Anna did great work with our daughter, she helped her learn so many essential skills, always in a professional manner and with warmth, patience, and kindness. Highly recommend Anna. She is wonderful!"

-Gideon, parent

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