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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept insurance?

I am an out of network provider and do not take insurance. However, I do provide detailed invoices at the end of each month which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Every insurance provider and plan is unique, so I highly recommend contacting your insurance provider prior to starting the therapy process.

Q: What can I do to get started?

If you are interested in seeking reimbursement from your insurance provider, first ask your child’s doctor for a prescription for ‘OT evaluation and treatment.’ Once you've obtained a prescription, please contact me to schedule an initial evaluation.

If you are not interested in working with your insurance provider, there is no need to obtain a prescription. Please contact me to schedule an initial evaluation.

Please see "Services" to read about what to expect next.

Q: What is your office environment like?

My private office is located within the multidisciplinary space of Speak, Learn & Play. There is a spacious sensory gym with a rock climbing wall, ladder wall, various therapeutic swings, and so much more.  

Q: What is pediatric OT?

Pediatric occupational therapy is a rehabilitative field that aims to improve independence across a child’s occupations, or activities that are part of their everyday lives. Children’s occupations often include getting dressed for school, handwriting, eating meals, tying shoes, and using the bathroom. As a pediatric OT, my goal is to target these important areas so that your child can be their most independent and confident self. Please see “Areas of Focus” for more information.

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